With 142 km2 Flores Island is the island with a wider variety of canyoning routes in the Azores. Currently it has more than 40 routes to offer, from big verticals to simple routes.


By using specialized techniques and equipment, we will have the pleasure of doing hiking trail on the riverbed, swim, jump into the water (optional), go on naturals slidings and going down the waterfalls. It is a sport of emotions where we will have a lot of fun and adrenaline all together.


For those who don’t have a lot of experience or it is the first time, we have very low routes with 3 to 6 rappels and each of them has between 5 to 12 meters and the highest one has 22 meters, These routes have the duration of 3 to 5 hours.


For the more experienced we have verticals up to 45 meters with the possibility of doing guided rappel, with more time of adventure, around 5 to 6 hours and with several rappels that vary from 7 to 11.


Canyoning can be practiced by people of all ages, in places of unique beauty, providing unique experiences that will remain forever in your memory.


Canyoning – Level I (Begginer)

Nº of Rappels – 6

Biggest Rappel – 17 meters

Time of Activity – 5h00 


For the beginning of the canyoning will have approximately 10 minutes walk through a hiking trail, where we will pass by an old watermill.

In this section we will have the possibility of walking in the riverbed, jump into the water (optional), do a little slide and 6 rappels, the biggest vertical has 18 meters.

This stream has an amazing background, on the first part we have a more opening route and at the end a more fitted route with a magnificent contrast of lights.

To return to the vehicle there is a 25-minute walk.

Ilhéus Inferior


Canyoning – Level I (Begginer)

Interest – 3,5 of 5

Nº of Rappels – 3

Biggest Rappel – 22 meters

Time of Activity: 2h00 


Starting near the bridge in Fazenda de Santa Cruz das Flores, we will have access to a water stream with 3 rappels (being the big one with 22 meters). It will be possible to see near the islet of Baixa do Moinho, a prismatic or columnar disjunction (volcanic landscape) similar to the one in Rocha dos Bordões.

This activity ends near the Hydroelectric station in Fazenda.


Além Inferior



Canyoning – Level II (Intermediate)

Interest – 3,5 of 5

Nº of Rappels – 11

Biggest Rappel – 30 meters

Time of Activity – 4h00


With the beginning near the secondary road between the parish of Cedros and the parish of Ponta Ruiva, this is a stream with 11 rappels, the bigger one with 30 meters, it has a flow even in the dry season.

To get back to the vehicle, we will do a little walk of 1 km to a very picturesque place the parish of Ponta Ruiva.



Canyoning – Level II (Intermediate)

Interest – 4 of 5

Nº of Rappels – 7

Biggest Rappel – 45 meters

Time of Activity – 3h00


Till the beginning of this stream we will do a 30-minute walk, we will start with some smaller rappels. The biggest highlight of this stream will be on rappel number 6 where we will observe, as we go down the 45 meters, a volcanic formation identical has the one in Rocha dos Bordões.


This stream finishes by an old watermill, the beginning point of the lower section.


Ilhéus Inferior



CanyoningLevel II (Intermediate)

Interest – 4 of 5

Nº of Rappels – 9

Biggest Rappel – 45 meters

Time of Activity – 3h00 


With a magnificent view, this stream, which has the particularity of a short distance, has 9 rappels from 7 to 45 meters.

To reach this stream, we will walk an old path done by our ancestors, that  goes up the slope of the area of the parish of Ponta da Fajã.

We will end our adventure a few meters from the main road.




Canyoning – Level I (Begginer)

Nº of Rappels – 5

Biggest Rappel – 9

Toboggan – 2


Do you want to try canyoning for the first time on Flores Island?

With spectacular landscapes, you can have your first unforgettable cannyoning experience!

It will include a walk starting next to the Car Park on Alagoa (Cedros) and will end by the sea. This canyoning will have 5 rappels, the largest being approximately 9 meters long and two Toboggans (natural slides).

For those who like adventure this is an opportunity not to be missed, a fun experience and an adventure to remember.



Transfers from Santa Cruz das Flores (or other location);


Individual Equipment;




Ribbon Elastic Hair.