Come and discover the hiking trails that Flores Island has to offer you, routes that once were travelled by pastors and millers, back then it was the only way of communication between all the population.


Walking offers you physical and emotional well-being. If we joined this benefits to the stunning landscapes, to an intimate and profound contact with nature, to the history of the local people and to the geography of the island, you will keep memories that it won’t be forgotten.



Time Average – 3h00 

Difficult Level – Medium

Lenght – 7 km


This route starts in the parish of Ponta Delgada, where we will pass through several water lines, watch the islet of Maria Vaz and appreciate many endemic species.

Beginning our descent to the parish of Fajã Grande, it will be possible to see stunning landscapes, ending our adventure in the parish of Ponta da Fajã.



Time Average – 3h00

Difficult Level – Medium

Lenght – 3,5 km


This one return route, starts in the viewpoint of Fajã of Lopo Vaz.

We will begin by descending a stone staircase, that is surrounded by endemic vegetation. Arriving at the first houses we will have a black sand beach where it is possible to enjoy a bath. Following a  shortcut through the remaining houses of Fajã, we arrive at the end of the road with a view to Ponta of the Rocha Alta.



Time Average – 3h30

Difficult Level – Medium

Lenght – 7,5 km


This trail begins near the lakes Negra and Comprida.

Starting this route by the sideline of Lake Comprida, we will pass through the Lakes Seca and Branca. We will climb part of the road of the central zone of Morro Alto, and we will walk towards the west coast of the island, where we will see the exuberant parish of Fajã Grande.

We will finish our walk, by descending the Escadinhas do Céu (Stairs of heaven), towards the peaceful parish.


Transfers from Santa Cruz das Flores (or other location);