With our tours, you will get to know places of exuberant beauty.

Landscape, geological, environment and cultural points of highlight that will extend your vision about the island and will deserve a more extended, careful and funny visit.

Don’t miss this adventure, let yourself surprise in our company!


Time Average – 5 hours


We begin this walk in the village of  Santa Cruz, we will head to the north zone of the island stopping by the viewpoint of Caimbros, going to the picnic park in the Alagoa to enjoy the view, passing through the parish of Cedros, and we will go to little parish of Ponta Ruiva where we will see the viewpoint of the trail of Barrosas and further down the viewpoint of the islet Furado. Arriving at the parish of Ponta Delgada we will visit the local fishing port with a view to the bay, and we will go to the viewpoint of Baia do Além. 


Time Average – 5 hours


Starting this tour in the village of Santa Cruz we will visit the island seven lakes, beginning by the Lake Lomba, Lake Funda and Rasa, Lake Seca, Lake Negra and Comprida. We are going to visit the viewpoint of Craveiro Lopes and Portal, even though they are closer they have a different panorama.

We will head to the area of the waterfalls where we will have to do a little stop and walk a little trail to get to Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro. Arriving in the bathing area of the parish of Fajã Grande we will watch several waterfalls down the slope where the highlight is a waterfall called Ribeira das Casas.



Transport (customer choice);



Clothes and shoes suitable for short walks and accessories in case of rain or sun.